The Bipolar Diet?!

The yearnings ‘no no’s’ of Bipolar.

-Alcohol (ah goodbye my friend)
-Recreational drugs or excessive caffeine intake (Think caffeine is my biggest loss)
-Toxic friends (even the ones you don’t realise, or they need to get with the new positive program)
-Discontinuing medication
-Bad sleeping habits (easier said than done to fix!!)

My bipolar express is starting to slow down, my slow descent into the pit of despair boring life.

I’m creating positive reinforcements in my life to combat social anxiety (replacing word associations – ‘awkward’ with ‘awesome’ – good self-esteem improvement). Removing the friends whose negativity makes me more withdrawn. Realising that I’m content with who I am, I’m not the extrovert, nor do I see a point in conversing with some people, usually those conversations are futile. Just because I choose not to participate in some useless group interactions doesn’t make me ‘awkward’ or ‘autistic’, there are just different types of people in the world, I just happen to ‘choose’ to not talk to people that are of little value to me. Harmful relationships are a massive negative that are likely to trigger more mood episodes, intensify the risk for self-destructive behaviour and contribute to the attitudinal perception towards yourself that undermines any stability and wellness you have achieved. Cheers, friends suck.


7 thoughts on “The Bipolar Diet?!”

  1. Cheers to being content with who you are and the fact that you’re not an extrovert! I am going through this process of accepting myself and getting rid of the things that make my brain want to collapse on top of itself. 🙂

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    1. It takes a while to realise that you should make yourself happy and look after your own interests in life. Acceptance takes a long time I think. 😦 😦 I’m definitely a ‘work in progress’ 😉


    1. Haha I think I found them on a wellness page 😉 it’s always good to look after your mental health as a priority. 🙂
      I guess they’re ‘no no’s’ because they cause depressive symptoms or you come from a high to a low causing further depressive symptoms. I crash at 5pm every time my coffee high has run out, makes it more mentally exhausting especially when you look at the contrasts.


      1. True, there is that ‘depression’ of coming down in a chemical sense. but for me also (and I guess in a sense this can be worse), there’s that whole being ‘up’ that I don’t like, especially with like alcohol (or smoking something else..). I feel that I have to work really hard to stay in the middle, depending, like I’m one of those buffeting wind people you see at car lots. I like staying on the ground =)

        Baffles me as what to do though, like I haven’t been out to the smoking shack at my place, and there are some really nice people there.


      2. I think everything in moderation, losing friendships with nice people because of the smoking shack is hard, all my friends drink and smoke a lot, found a good medium by just having 2 drinks while I’m out, but then again anything can subtract from a good level, argh the constant hardship of finding balance. Hope yours evens itself out.


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