The Quiet Introspection Of One’s Life: A Short Discourse On The Dualities Of Our Realities.

Conducting a mental self-examination is useful for people with Bipolar Disorder. By introspecting themselves they become consciously aware of personality facets which they present to the ‘outside’ world. The different personality representations are part of the dual lives that people with mental illness live with, potentially masking their symptoms. It’s a balancing act to appear as a strong functioning person whilst simultaneously trying to deal with depression. When watched by others your self-portrayal varies from how you act when feeling depressed by yourself.


The honest truth is that people don’t want to hear their friends drone on and on about being depressed. Those that are suffering from depression usually don’t voice their concerns due to the perceived backlash and the lack of compassion sometimes exhibited by the people around them. It’s always living a half-life when you’re around people, people want to hear about things that directly correspond with them or which interest them, having a depressed friend doesn’t fit this criteria. The lack of empathetic understanding further alienates and stigmatises people’s understanding of depression, tolerance is slowly developing, mostly due to the increasing number of people who are experiencing depression which affects their usual functionality.


The double life takes a toll on the person, never representing a full depiction of who they are to the outside world. People need to view themselves as a ‘diamond’, multi-faceted and beautiful, each facet representing a different persona in relation to the situation and the ideologies of the people around them. The surfaces or facets make the diamond twinkle and look attractive; the facet is a visual representation of their character and the perception of their character by others. A multi-faceted personality is unlimited; we are always changing or trying to cope with the daily struggles of life. Each experience is moulding the new facet we will present and the people around us will potentially consume.


We become the visual stimuli of our mind, sometimes we are the stagnant walking dead whereas in other circumstances we will present a person who is socially adept and pleasant to be around. Personally I’m exhausted from putting up so many fronts in my life; life has become a series of fronts to mollify the masses. The never ending portrayal of oneself, the more interesting question is which is the most innate personality or are all the portrayals just a depiction of the larger picture; we are all those things, but never all at once. You can only ever really perceive one whole image at any one time, changing your view to see the other.

3 thoughts on “The Quiet Introspection Of One’s Life: A Short Discourse On The Dualities Of Our Realities.”

  1. What terrific questions about the many parts we all have. And why is it so tiring to show one part when we are with certain people or at different events? I wonder if I’m reflecting what others want (as your post said) and not being one of my true parts. Therefore, the fatigue sets in. Lots to think about, thanks!


  2. I deeply appreciate your thoughts on introspection. The facets of a diamond image is very powerful, and the idea of trying to have them or see them all in on view. On the wall of the courtyard of Apollo’s temple at Delphi was a tablet bearing the dictum, “Know Thyself.” I feel people now are almost exclusively directed outward toward the physical world of property that is bought and sold, while the inner world is largely neglected. You are in the process of knowing yourself, and I hope you can continue that endeavor for all of your life. By making yourself a gift as the only person on Earth you can know in that most intimate way, I think you are on the right (even if difficult) path. –Steve from planet Earth

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    1. Introspection is really important. Knowing yourself is extremely important in life to progress. Too many people are directed outward, but that also comes down to introverts and extroverts. I like to examine my thoughts before i convey them to someone else. I guess all the stimuli people are given in contemporary society ultimately takes away from introspection and knowing thyself.


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