The Mental Illness Soapbox.

It’s beginning to feel like I’ve been in a long term relationship or dead-end marriage with mental illness. The bipolar black hole is so intense and consuming, eh…I’m even sick of myself. *Bipolar has officially killed the prom queen*

10 thoughts on “The Mental Illness Soapbox.”

  1. I know that feeling… but today I’m sick of men! Bipolar like this giant possessed roller coaster that won’t let you off…. Its winter (gets worse for me in Winter! ;(


    1. Me too 🙂
      I’m hating on them today because it seems like they are incapable of doing proper Christmas shopping.
      Bipolar becomes a constant mind-f***, its like a possessive new boyfriend who won’t let you out of their site. Loving analogies today haha. Winter always does seem worse, people really don’t understand how much the seasons affect people…”winter is coming…”


    1. I think its safe to say that in such a big crowd at the shops I just want to start throwing punches, people don’t understand the concept of personal space. Hope you got all your shopping done early 😉 Merry Christmas

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    1. it becomes a one track thought train that doesn’t stop. Sick of myself and my thoughts definitely sums it up, at least we all think the same 😉

      On a lame note, I had to look up WRT…Because I’m obviously internet un-savvy. Good to know it means “with regard to”. Haha at least I’m learning something new each day.

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