The Anti-Grinch.

There are so many people posting that they hate Christmas, I love Christmas, the inner child in me loves the concept and I still get presents from Santa even at 22. I get to see my extended family that I only get to see once a year because I work crappy hours and they always seem genuinely happy to see me, with only the occasional comment about all the black clothing I wear. Happy holidays x


Here in Australia Christmas is hot and Santa is extremely fat 😉

8 thoughts on “The Anti-Grinch.”

  1. Hope you had a merry Christmas! I wish I had family that seemed genuinely happy to see me. I always end up feeling crappy about myself after these things, like I’ve messed up somewhere along the way.


    1. Well if it helps, I would never be unhappy to see you…yes thats weird and creepy of me. I wouldn’t let your family get you down, they honestly misjudge, the misjudgments aren’t worth your time. Hope your holidays go well!

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      1. Thanks, that means a lot! 🙂 I think by this point I go into these family situations with negative expectations, thereby setting myself up to be extra sensitive about how relatives behave around me.

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      2. I think extended relatives are the worst, so judgemental. I caved to pressure and lightened my hair before I saw them at Christmas just to avoid judgments :/ think it’s hard not to be sensitive to family.


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