Lemonade Is Hard.

When life gives too many lemons, say “fuck off lemons, I ordered pie.”

It’s becoming way too hard to make lemonade. Life keeps throwing lemons your way but you can’t be bothered to make stupid lemonade. When you simply lack the strength and motivation to go through the motions.

When lemonade is simply too hard to make, you know that depression has definitely set in. It usually means you aren’t leaving bed or even buying groceries.

STAY POSITIVE 🙂 buy a juicer.


12 thoughts on “Lemonade Is Hard.”

  1. Yeah I know what you mean. Thing is I had a lot of ‘lemons’ for the last four weeks and had to go to the doctor for some ‘sugar’, just a little sugar, to sweeten things a little for a while until I could put the lemons on the compost heap.


  2. I absolutely LOVE what you write and how you go about putting moods into words that, more often than not, remain quite obscure for those who have to live with sudden swings that change the personnality. You are a very talented writer and I am quite taken by your texts that reveal just how painful it can be just to be different and to acknowledge that difference openly. Thank you for your words. You are an inspiration to many who still suffer in silence, having been thrown aside by society who would soon destroy rather than try to understand.


  3. I didn’t even need to read your post because I got that IMMEDIATELY. Also, you don’t wanna be messing with your metabolic rate! I got a knuckle-rapping from my doctor over that, you could end up provoking mania and then where would we be without you! Crying in a gutter. Much love, ~ P ~

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      1. In my next Tuesday post there’ll be more on that from me, but basically I had this suspicion for a long while – the intense hunger pangs during mania had to have a REASON I thought. Turns out I was right. During mania, your poor overworked brain is using up a lot of energy so your speedy metabolism is just trying to keep supplying energy. You can see it has a yellow flare in brain scans. 3am starvation mode is not uncommon to me! Best to keep it real on an even keel and have super-foods nearby.<3


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