Mr Lamictal, How Lovely You Are.

Lamictal (lamotrigine) is AWESOME.

Visited another psychiatrist a few days ago, a very lovely and friendly man, he is 80% sure that I am Bipolar 2, but wishes to monitor my progress for the next year or so, because there are so many “areas of grey” in diagnosing people. It took one day for my life to crumble and the label of Bipolar to be assigned to me, my psychiatrist is hesitant to fully diagnose me because it’s been such a short time since I first started to see my psychologist and only 2months since I first approached my GP about anxiety, which opened the cascade for Bipolar. My severe reaction to such a low dose of Avanza makes him hesitant to add anti-depressants to my mood stabiliser, but thankfully I’m changing from Epilim (apparently a top shelf mood-stabilizer – but has weight gain side effects) to Lamictal (very little side effects).


Epilim made my memory extra foggy and drowsy; I’ve started tapering off and have introduced Lamictal which will eventually be increased when I’ve completely tapered off Epilim. Lamictal is actually making me feel a lot better than normal, I had a brilliant day, my head feels good and I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. I sometimes wonder if I should pick up the rest of my script for the anti-depressant just to see if it will cause hypomania again, I’m not exactly denying Bipolar, I just want more evidence for myself. I should just be happy that I’ve finally found a medication that makes me feel so good, I know that mood-stabilizers can’t always hold off depression though, but its nearly summer in Australia, so the sun if bright and my mood is good, guess I will wait for next winter to truly find out.This is one of the longest times (3weeks) in life where I haven’t been thinking about suicide, I’ve thought about suicide since I was at least 7years old, to some it might seem weird, but it’s always been on my mind somewhere, at the moment with Lamictal it is blessfully absent. I read recently on ‘crazymeds’ that Lamictal can make people go into an extremely good mood for the first few weeks of being on it. I think that’s where I’m at, I’ve been exercising a lot, I’m more pleasant to everyone, I’m motivated and energised . I do still have messed up sleep, jolting awake and thinking something is wrong, acting out my dreams, waking up thinking I’ve forgotten something or I’m late. I’m not usually a good sleeper but having this EVERY night is getting a bit much, in the past I would generally wake up twice a week randomly at 3am and do weird things, now it’s all the time.

“That “without the risk of mania” is only after you’re taking enough, usually 200mg a day. You might get a little too happy the first couple of weeks. Or too irritable, anxious and otherwise unpleasant to be around.”

Anyone had any long term side effects from Lamictal???

11 thoughts on “Mr Lamictal, How Lovely You Are.”

  1. Hey! I have been on Lamictal for three years now and have not suffered side effects. 🙂 I am diagnosed as Bipolar 1 due to a hospital episode, but I identify more with Bipolar 2. A few months ago I started taking Prozac along with Lamictal, because I feel the latter stabilizes my mood so much that I am unable to feel happy. If Lamictal is actually making you feel better than normal, that’s great! I personally just needed something added on, but would never just stop taking Lamictal.

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    1. Do you think that Lamictal doesn’t help much with depression then? I live in Australia, so its summer and I’m always in a good mood until winter/autumn, I’m wondering if things will get worse when the seasons change 😦


      1. Lamictal can prevent bad depressive episodes, but in my understanding/experience, it is more effective in preventing mania and hypomania. Since I had a bad manic episode a few years ago, my psychiatrist insists that I continue taking Lamictal. She is now allowing me to take Prozac along with the mood stabilizer, because I felt I was in too much of an emotional gray zone. So, I believe that Lamictal DOES help with depression, but it was not helping me enough. If Lamictal is having a good effect on you, yay! and if you start slipping when winter approaches, try asking if you can add on an antidepressant. 🙂

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  2. I’ve had no problems with my Lamictal. I take 100 mg and then 300mg and Neurontin (Gabapentin) every night and they seem to work very well for me with no side effects.

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  3. I’m a BP2, and I have been on slowly increasing doses of Lamictal for 4 years now. I haven’t found any significant side effects. I also take Abilify (aripiprazole). I think the Lamictal helps makes my depressive episodes less severe, and increasing the Abilify has mostly controlled the mixed and manic episodes. But I still get mood swings, and I feel flat or slightly depressed most of the time. I’m honestly afraid to try another drug, especially an anti-depressant, because of my negative history with those.


  4. Hey there, I’ve been on Lamictal for a while now with additions here and there of other drugs (both good and bad) I take some in the morning and some at night so that it’s in my system all the time but not overwhelming at once (it was making me a little too jittery). I have also been diagnosed bipolar II but who knows? Anyway, compared to other mood stabilizers i find lamictal to have the least side effects and i’m sure i’ll be on it…well, probably forever if all keeps working and my brain doesnt decide to override all the drugs and take me down with it.

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    1. I find that Lamictal doesn’t make me jittery, I think it caused some insomnia, but that could just be me. I’m now on 400mg Lamictal, 25mg of Quetiapine and 2.5mg of Haloperidol, I think they prescribe things just for fun now. I agree with the whole least side effects part, but I also think its way less effective than Epilim and Lithium. It’s always good to hear other peoples experiences with medication, everyone seems to vary with reactions. I agree that all diagnosis are iffy, but there isn’t much we can do aye.


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